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Avid foodie and executive coach 

Carolyn Maue partners with talented leaders to maximize their strengths in motivating their teams to innovate, solve complex problems, and position their organizations for growth. On a mission to "change the world one leader at a time," Carolyn coaches forward-thinking leaders to inspire themselves and those around them to be the best they can be. 

Known for a caring and sophisticated approach that combines leadership theory, practical strategies, and personal experiences, Carolyn serves up the perfect ingredients for people to cultivate a leadership style that advances their aspirations, organizations, and communities. 

A best-selling author, entrepreneur, and collaborator, she has 25-plus years of experience leveraging individuals' and organizations' abilities to affect positive change. In 2004, she founded The Maue Center to provide tailored approaches to leadership development for professionals, teams, and organizations. Carolyn also serves as the leadership consultant for the Florida Public Relations Association and is a member of the Alexcel Group, The Alliance for Leadership Excellence. 

Her interests in international travel, singing, and cooking inform her creative approaches. A semi-proficient baker, Carolyn's favorite way of being described is: "She makes a mean apple pie."

Why leadership and cooking are the perfect pair

Carolyn Maue sees a strong parallel between best-in-class executive chefs and best-in-class leaders. Both begin with a clear vision and engage their team members to buy into that vision. Chefs and leaders alike build capacity in their teams to implement their vision for an outstanding customer and associate experience. Both contribute a secret sauce, or a way of cooking it all up, that's personal and powerful.

Whatever your leadership "kitchen," you'll be fascinated with the way Carolyn unfolds her recipe for gourmet leadership. Each chapter explores an essential competency as an ingredient for success. Clear explanations, examples, and exercises will guide you in practical ways. Reflections on leadership from a variety of chefs will keep you engaged. 

As you work your way through this book, you'll reinforce your strengths and learn to build on them. Most importantly, you'll explore your own "secret sauce," that spicy mixture of passion, personality, and experience that make you unique and effective. It's time to start cooking.

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Ingredients for truly excellent leadership

Wondering what makes gourmet leadership? Here are just a few things you'll learn from Carolyn Maue's book and years of experience as a leadership development coach:

  • Plan the feast! Your compelling vision
  • Discover your strengths. Your magic ingredient
  • Is this too spicy? Feedback and understanding perceptions
  • Sous chef to executive chef. Your transition from doer to leader
  • Chop! Chop! Chop! How to get things done through delegation
  • The right cookware. Building the best team
  • Hot tamales! Dealing with difficult people
  • Pièce de résistance. Your leadership presence
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"Discovering your secret sauce as a leader means unleashing your passion and special viewpoint to add flavor and fun to your team."


Carolyn Maue, Author and Executive Coach


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"The past two years have been a time of great upheaval, but my hope going forward is for creativity and success to grow once again in restaurants, large and small. May we join together to support the inspirational chefs, staffs, and restauranteurs as they navigate a new, and hopefully flourishing, frontier."

— Carolyn Maue

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