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Carolyn Maue is a sought-after speaker who helps leaders harness their strengths to cook up a compelling vision for themselves and their teams.

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Inspiring leaders for more than 25 years

Entrepreneur. Dynamic communicator. Singer. Amateur baker. Executive coach. Best-selling author.

Carolyn Maue has more than two decades of experience with dozens of speaking engagements across the country, where she's known for motivating leaders to become their very best, based on their unique strengths, personalities, and experiences. 

An authority in team-building, leadership development, conflict resolution, and strategic visioning, Carolyn tailors each speaking event to meet your needs and goals. Her speciality is supporting forward-thinking leaders to be more effective and positively lead their teams. Carolyn is a trusted resource to leaders envisioning a future for their organizations with ambitious goals and a desire to best serve their communities.

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Whether it's a conference keynote or small-group setting, Carolyn Maue will motivate and entertain leaders with her blend of expertise, personal stories, good humor, and approachability, leaving audiences with new practices to apply right away.

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